Documentary and Scientific Films (selected) ALL WORKS: CAMERA, EDITING AND SOUND by AZ 


Nature and City / Narava in Mesto
2006 15 min sound HD
1 Nature & City nT2006-AndrejZdravic-AZ 400

Commissioned by the Ljubljana City Museum, Nature and City is an artistic treatment of a scientific / educational subject, namely the geological, geographical, demographic and cultural evolution of the City of Ljubljana and its surroundings. It is also a swift overview of man's impact on his environment over the past 12,000 years. Nature and City was made with the participation of Ljubljana City Museum, the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) and several other Slovene institutions.

Richard Serra at Oliver Ranch
1994 20 min sound BetaSP
2 Richard Serra at Oliver nT1995-AZdravic 300

A portrait of the renowned sculptor Richard Serra and his work ‘Snake Eyes and Box Cars’ at Oliver Ranch in Sonoma, California. The piece consists of twelve forged steel blocks that 'describe' the topography of a valley. The video features interviews with the artist and depicts the making and the installation of this major work and its function within the landscape. Filmed over three seasons.  

"This is the best video about my work made so far" / Richard Serra in a phone conversation with AZ, 1994
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Water Cycle
1994 14 min sound 16mm/Umatic
Water Cycle n1©1994-AZdravic 300

Water Cycle was produced at the San Francisco Exploratorium in collaboration with physicist Paul Doherty. The film shows all phases of the water cycle (solid, liquid, and gas), and contains sequences from my various films and unpublished film studies. It was conceived as a pilot film for a proposed series of educational videos that would treat the major themes of physics as taught in the US secondary schools. As it turned out, this pilot video itself became a teaching tool.

Extended Exploratorium
1990 14 min sound Umatic
Extended Exploratorium pholdern1990-AZdravic 300

The Exploratorium is a unique museum of science, art and human perception founded by Frank Oppenheimer. This film, produced on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Exploratorium, portrays its numerous activities at the original location in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. It is one of the many documentaries that I made during my full-time association with the museum (1988-1997). To name a few: Exploratorium in Tokyo (1989, 14min), The Teacher Institute (1989, 8min), School in the Exploratorium (1989, 14min), The Exploratorium Art Programs (1994, 12min). 

Microsurgical Transplantation I-IV
Replantation, Muscle Transplantation, Cutaneous and Osteocutaneous Flaps, Toe Transplantation 
1982 115 min sound 16mm
5 Microsurgical Transplantation T1982-AZdravic 300

The work consists of four films made for the medical profession, featuring 23 microsurgical operations developed and demonstrated by microsurgeon Harry J. Buncke, MD. Filmed at Davies Medical Center in San Francisco, it was produced by Microsurgical Transplantation Research Foundation, San Mateo, California / Harry J. Buncke. In 1983, this set of films, accompanied by Dr. Buncke’s books, was released as a videotape program by Open University Educational Enterprises Ltd, U.K. and University Park Press, Baltimore, USA 

“This outstanding video program was filmed by Andrej Zdravič’, a Yugoslavian-born filmmaker, himself the son of a plastic surgeon. Zdravič brings a rare sensitivity and responsiveness to the clinical context to his film-craft and art, documenting Dr. Buncke’s microsurgical operations with a unique understanding and respect for the surgeon’s craft. Praised by the Los Angeles Herald examiner as “a talent of major proportions”. Zdravič, in Microsurgical Transplantation, has raised the quality and art of medical films to new heights. He has achieved in these tapes a unique blend of clinical clarity, directness, and humanity hereto unknown to the art of medical filmmaking.” 
Open University Educational Enterprises, U.K., 1983

Present Status of Microsurgery in Hand Surgery
1981 28 min sound 16mm
PresentStatusMicro n1981-AZdravic 300

Present Status of Microsurgery in Hand Surgery is an overview of key microsurgical transplantation procedures by Harry J. Buncke, MD, that I filmed during our two-year collaboration. It was produced as a backdrop to Dr. Buncke’s Presidential Address at the American Society for Surgery of the Hand congress in Las Vegas, 1981. The film also aims to present the beauty and wonder of the human body structures, and is accessible even to the uninitiated viewer.