Camera Dances  (Ples kamere)
1973 15 min sound S-8mm
CameraDances 2n1973-AZdravic 300
On a spring day of 1973, I was up on the slopes above the river Soča valley (Slovenia), dancing with binoculars while whistling along a favorite tune by Joe Zawinul and the Weather Report. Suddenly, it hit me how everything in nature is in perpetual motion - a dance. In that flash of inspiration I realized that from then on I would try to play, with the film camera as a musical instrument, the music, the pulse of nature. And so began my journey of search and discovery. Camera Dances - my first film - was shot in the Soča valley and by the Adriatic Sea, while I was listening to select jazz music in my headphones, and improvising along with my newly discovered 'instrument'.