Water Waves
1993/2013 27 min sound BetaSP/HD
WaterWaves 6n1993-AZdravic 400
Filmed on the north shores of Hawaiian islands, Water Waves is a visual study of the power and beauty of wave phenomena, ranging from tiny ripples of raindrop rings to streaming standing waves in rivers to ocean swells and thunderous shore breaks.
This is the integral ‘single-screen film’ edition of the video originally produced for the 
Water Waves – Time Horizon installation (1993). In 2013, the video was restored in the HD format without additional editing, while the soundtrack was recomposed and remixed, and now constitutes the new Water Waves - Time Horizon installation.


WaterWaves 4bn1993-AZdravic 400

WaterWaves f3n1993-AZdravic 400