Via Sound
1978 24 min sound S-8mm
Via SoundT1978-AZdravic
Via Sound is a string of vignettes from a trip to Italy and Slovenia. The Super-8 Sound medium offered the exciting possibility of simultaneously editing-in-camera both image and sound. As the title implies, this film should be seen by listening.

”(Zdravič) emerges as a talent of major proportions, and the form he has chosen to work in - Super-8mm - is once and for all snatched from its lowly 'home movie' context. Zdravič shows that it can be a vital means of cinematic expression, if intelligently used... With incredibly supple S-8mm sound equipment, Zdravič has found in the everyday world images of ravishing beauty that Kubrick, for all his Zeiss lenses and steadicams, can't match.
David Ehrenstein, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, 1980