2000 9 min sound 16mm&video//Remastered in HD
Heartbeat-1T2000-AZdravic 300

Heartbeat juxtaposes scientific visualisations of the human heart and nature sequences from my films and my unreleased materials - lightning, waves, river currents, flames, lava, clouds... Suffused in a pulsating soundtrack of processed heartbeats and the music of the elements, Heartbeat projects an essential power of life and the interconnectedness of all that is alive.
AZ, 2000

Heartbeat was commissioned by the European Society of Cardiology for its 50th Anniversary ceremony at the RAI center, Amsterdam, 2000. Scientific visualisations and animation by Thoraxcenter Rotterdam; project coordination by Professor Maarten L. Simoons, Head of Cardiology Department and past ESC president.

Award: International Media Art Award 2004 – “InVISIBLE art_science”, ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe

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Heartbeat-2T2000-AZdravic 300

Heartbeat starts off very impressively, as is characteristic for this author, with the very choice of the theme of “life”: with ultra-sound imagery of the pulsating heart, reminiscent of a three-month foetus in the womb. Zdravič develops the act/representation by analogy with the “life pulse of nature”: earth, water, air, fire – that takes us back to the mysterious depths of the divine creation of the world, presenting it to ordinary mortals with strong esoterism, expressively and powerfully, on the plane of rational obviousness. It is clear that with the thirty years of experience condensed into this film, he is in command of all the dimensions of alchemistic, cabalistic, sufic, theogonic and cosmogonic secrets, and has himself assumed the role of sorcerer (“he who knows”) of the short, concise, artistic-scientific film." 
Besim Spahić, 'Kulturni Marketing', Ljubljana, 2002

See Heartbeat projected in public space in New Delhi